Sony Finds the Three Musketeers’ “Deadly”

The success story of the 2011 adventure film “The Three Musketeers” was measured by revenue growth. But the latest “Three Musketeers’” success was calculated by how much money they were able to loot.

A group of hackers known as “The Three Musketeers” hit the headlines by hacking Sony for the second time (the first was in April 2011).

The hackers group discovery of a key that could make all consoles decrypt the latest as well as future games has unfortunately made Sony a laughing stock. Worst, firmware upgrade can’t offer a cure. Sony, anyway, eyed a new console to counter this issue – it’ll be released soon.


Optimus G - A Smartphone that Can Take Orders

How could a struggling electronics company win in a war, so far, starred by Apple and Samsung?

LG OptimusLG Electronics, its mobile communication division is quietly working on the sidelines. On Tuesday, the company unveiled its latest high-end smartphone offering, the Optimus G.

Optimus G is a smartphone powered by Qualcom’s quad-core Snapdragon processor. It has the capacity to work on fast-phase mobile networks.

You can watch your favorite TV show while sending text message or searching the web.

Its 13 megapixel camera is perfect for taking pictures. What’s best is that you can instruct the phone to take snaps. Also, its 4.7-inch screen was made sharper than Apple and Samsung’s smartphones.

Care for a breather? Try this new smartphone that can take orders.


Why It Takes Forever To Watch Your Favorite Online Video?

man scratching headConstantly interrupted with buffering messages while viewing your favorite online video?

Does this happen all throughout the day or at certain time when usage may be high? No, wait! Don’t axe your computer just yet. You have to remember patience is a virtue.

As one in you, I myself watched many, many online videos. I can tell you that I have a variety of reactions when streaming don’t go well.

Find out why it takes forever to complete a 30 minutes video. Hang in there, consider these top 3 culprits:

1. Hardware:

  • Is your computer a member of the senior citizens league? Computer age has some effect on bandwidth performance.
  • Is your router still covering your area? Did you check its condition? How about cables?
  • Is your Wi-Fi secure? Is the signal strong? Or may be without you knowing, the whole community is using the service. Soo sad!

2. OS (operating system) and software:

  • Did you forget to logout other background programs?
  • Did you check if malware has a camp with a bonfire in your system?
  • Did you check your hard drive’s capacity?
  • Did you check if flash player's or video player's utilities are up to date?

3. ISP (Internet Service Provider):

  • What is your speed? You might be paying for a speed that is not worth the price.
  • ISP could be playing around your service. Don’t play with them, I dare you!

man watching online videoThere are other questions that you should ask yourself before you scratch your head as if you’re infested with a community of lice.

Now that you are equipped with facts, go and fix those issues that are within your capacity.

If after all your effort still it takes you 24 hours to complete an hour of video, then it’s time to call your favorite superhero - your friendly technician or call your Internet Service Provider and tell them your sad story supported with virtual tears. I’m sure with a tear-soaked hanky your ISP will help you.


Apple Vs. Samsung - ROUND TWO!

Now is the right time to be a patent attorney. Why? Many lawsuits are filed every day and the good news is that many of those complaints are patent related.

The latest patent war is between the two digital media powers - Apple and Samsung. The lawsuit filed by Apple in California is still pending in court. Samsung fight back by filing countersuits in various countries. Despite winning in the UK court, Samsung still face bans on its other products. Its Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 felt a big blow across the European Union.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has convince Apple and Samsung to settle the issue out of court, however, just like the never ending truce in Syria, a respite is unlikely at this time between the US Apple and South Korea’s Samsung.

Hey, thinking of shifting from a criminal lawyer to patent expert? Perky patent lawsuits flood the courts today. Whichever side wins, your life is not in danger. Go ahead, be a living hero!


Apple Vs. Samsung. And the Winner Is…

The battle between the two digital media giants: Apple and Samsung is not far from over.

In the latest lawsuit filed by Apple against Samsung, a new twist of events sprung against the American digital media giant. The British court ruled out that the iPad design of Samsung was not as cool as that of Apple. In effect, Samsung did not in any way flout Apple’s design.

As part of Apple’s fine, the world leader in the digital media was ordered by Judge Birss to post an ad implying Samsung’s innocence of the charge. The ad should remain in Apple’s website for at least six months.


Apple Fined $2.22 Million by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)– What Went Wrong?

Apple is no longer a baby in the field of sophisticated gadgets. As the leader in the mobile devices industry beating Samsung, Sony, and Nokia, Apple has gone a long way toward success. But why did they have to settle for a fine of $2.22 million?

Truth in Advertising

Fierce competition rocks the minds of every company. Everyone wants to stay on top no matter the odds and Apple is no different. For years, Apple never ceases to awe their customers. Their products are always aligned with a “digital hub” plan. However, no matter how they harmonized and integrate their customers’ experience, there are disappointments along the way. Their recent iPod advertisement has slapped them a whopping $2.22 million fine.

What Went Wrong

Apple’s recent iPod advertisement promised customers that its 4G capability worked anywhere in the world. Sad to say, this is not the case in Australia. For this, Apple was sued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) for hiding the truth. Instead of counter-charging, the US technology giant has agreed to settle the matter out of court.

In brief, no matter how tough it is to turn people into customers, companies should not resort to selling lies.


Internet of Things (IoT) and the Impossible Dream

When did life get to be so easy?

Several years ago, if you want to shut the TV off you had to do it manually.

Several years ago, two or more subscribers shared a single telephone line (some sort of social networking? )

Several years ago, Morse code was used to send messages.

Several years ago, these changes in technology were considered the most dramatic. However, the growing interaction in the modern world has got something more useful: the Internet of Things (IoT.)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a unique code identified for a thing. This code is the virtual representation in an internet-like form. Conceptualized in 1999 by Kevin Ashton, the concept of IoT became widespread via the Auto-ID Center where Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is required to run the Internet of Things.

The vision of the internet of things is to make the impossible possible. With the help of determined developers, and engineers Internet of Things is likely to become a race to discover all searchable things – any idea is a good subject to automate.

Hmm, are you thinking of wiring your philandering husband? Want to know who owns those smudge of lipsticks on his neck? Save some cash for the (soon-to-be) apps.

The Future is Clear. Any Thing can be Networked

Would you believe your luggage can now say, “I’ve arrived?” Though not literally, the Bag-claim travel application is an advancement of luggage tags. A user only needs an iPhone that has wireless receiver. This application is very useful especially for frequent travelers: you no longer have to worry about your luggages even if you leave the airport for a cup of coffee.

How about your eyes instead of fingers to write and send messages? That will come by year 2013. A new technology designed by Danish developers targets the eyes to control and write messages. Aha! Sending messages no longer have to be with codes or fingers. Those Danish developers are now working in partnership with a suitable smartphone producer to make the application public.

According to John Weigelt, national officer at Microsoft Canada, anything can be networked. This is possible when computers, vehicles, appliances and houses begin talking. If you want something just push a button and that “something” suddenly appears. Hopefully, those handsome D.I.’s can be “ordered” in one press. Yayy!

Potential Downside

There are not millions but billions of things that can be networked in the world— via private intranets and the Internet. In 2008, internet users already exceed the number of people on earth. By year 2020, 50 billion smart phone users will be wired.

Do you think there is a potential downside to this techno-revolution? There’s lots, however, the most innovative, the smartest tech guys are working round the clock – expect a robot in every home by 2020.


China Zipped Shut its People. Next Target: Search Giants - Google and Microsoft

Just like the transgenic foods that scientists create to increase production to go with the world’s growing needs; powerful China forces meet head on with their ambition to topple the search giants such as Google and Microsoft.

An Irony of the Modern World

On January 12, 2010, Google’s corporate infrastructure was attack like a tornado hit it. The goal was to gather data from Gmail accounts particularly of activists from China, Europe and other countries that supports them.

While China have successfully engineered a zipper that zipped shut their people’s mouths, there is no way they could bring down Google’s advocacy of free speech. China has long been mandating Google to filter search results in their country. However, Google stands firm in upholding the rights of the people to express their thoughts without any fear or apprehension.

Google even come to a point of overthrowing Baidu (China’s top search engine.) because they believe (did not even think twice) that China is responsible for the attack on its systems.

Other Big Companies

Adobe, unfortunately also can’t laze around in the hammock because they experienced a similar breached of user’s data. Though they did not publicly announce China has something to do with it, they posted a security incident report to let its customers know about what happened.

Microsoft on the other hand, immediately released a security advisory warning their users about the vulnerability of internet explorers 6, 7 and 8 though it was IE 6 that is inherently more vulnerable.

How to Survive

In order to survive and play safe, internet users are advised to immediately update their antivirus software, regularly check their firewalls security control and refrain from using IE 6: advised to upgrade to IE7 or 8 or better to use other alternative browsers such as Google Chrome. Google chrome has features that are designed to sandbox untrusted data.

Though this bad news will just sort of die down, the good news is people are now aware that they should be involved in keeping their data safe.


Flashback Trojan is Back with a Vengeance!

Mac users worldwide are at risk to be infected with a new variant of FlashbackTrojan virus.

The latest findings from Dr. Web, a Russian antivirus company, show that a new variant of Flashback Trojan is in festive ambiance after it successfully infected more than 500,000 Macs, possibly reaching 600,000 with 274 bots most likely getting into the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, CA.

Flashback Trojan also known as Mac Trojan horse has been obvious in the market since 2011. They disguised as installer for Adobe Flash relying on user’s intervention to penetrate Mac computers.

When this Trojan variant was uncovered last year by security firm Intego, people were already warned and likewise given with a fix. However, the makers of Flashback Trojan have another feather on their cap. This time they no longer need a user involvement to access a Mac computer.

Flashback Trojan is back. They changed tactics - and this time, they just need a user to visit a malicious website in order to spread the “infection”. Flashback Trojan infects a Mac computer by just a mere visit. No more simulation of an installer, a Mac software update or a Java updater.

The newest variant named as OSX/Flashback.K by F-Secure security researchers, no longer need an administrator’s password. This new Flashback Trojan is able to penetrate any Mac computer without any hint from the owner. The weakness is found in Java SE6 identified as CVE-2012-0507.

The sad part is, no cure is currently up for grabs for this new malware on the Mac. For this, Apple has been put in a bad light. However, knowing the company’s stand on rolling updates, even their corner office can share a remedy.

If the makers of Flashback Trojan have a never-say-die attitude, Mac users have their never-surrender lyrics - to sing - while disabling Java, and knowing how trustworthy the websites they are visiting. In general, the best immediate remedy for this new type of malware is…common sense!


2012 iPod Date. What Makes iPod an Up for Grabs Gadget?

iPod’s very thin body feature, the front and rear cameras that help capture the drama of your life. Not to forget the gadget’s video chat, and the processor so fast you can’t help but be in awe.

In spite of these good points, there are downsides that you must take into account. The iPod2 screen resolution is second rate. Photo quality looks like a run on the mill. No support for Adobe Flash and adapters for HDMI, USB, and SD ports are still part of the crowd. However, iPod still lives up to its name as king of tablets…hmm, Apple’s bolster claim.

Then, Apple is setting another milestone in its tablet forte. On March 16, a new iPod will again create a melee of aficionados wanting to show off ownership of a new 2012 iPod. First rate features are the higher resolution screen, fast processor, and 4G wireless support (on some models). For non Apple diehard, this new 2012 iPod is a milestone worth observing.


Spilled Juice on Your Cell Phone? Don't Worry, Be Happy!

I can see your face and reaction once you drop your beloved cell phone in water, worse in the toilet or a waiter tripped and spilled some juice onto your cell phone.

Even if you learn all those anger management techniques you will still have at least thought of getting even with the waiter who spilled juice on your expensive cell phone.

Well, before you lose your cool or let off steam, the Mobile World Congress 2012 held in Barcelona, Spain have spoken. Later this year, they will come up with a technology that can protect your mobile devices from liquids. you can now sleep soundly after you dropped your phone in a bowl full of soup.

The possibility of waterproofing all gadgets from ipads to laptops is endless. I can’t wait to be a proud owner of this new super technology. I will definitely waterproof my newly bought tablet and all other gadgets my children have.


Nokia to Cut 4,000 Jobs in Europe and the Americas - Good News for the Asian Workers????

Nokia - a Finnish leading phonemaker whose products have become an important part of the lives of people around the globe is set to cut about 4,000 jobs at its smartphone manufacturing bases in Europe and the Americas through the end of 2012.

The cut in its workforce does not gain more access to additional work in Asia because Nokia has no plans to hire additional workers under its aggressive transfer. The Finnish company just simply transferred its assembly work in South Korea and Beijing in China.

The factories in Finland, Hungary and Mexico are the ones affected. However, these factories are still in operation but only for smartphone customization intended for regional markets following assembly in Asia.


Sony's Mylo - RemiMISSESniscing Product

Still reminiscing on what might have been a blockbuster? Up right now, the brilliant minds behind Sony's Mylo should have sort the potential of the product.

Mylo short for “My Life Online” is one of Sony’s reMISSESniscing devices that have long been in the shadow of Apple’s iPhone. Mylo was released a year before Apple take the world by storm for its iPhone.

The people behind Mylo should have “repaired” the product’s capabilities. They should have added more applications to exceed the capabilities of some cellular phones which also utilize instant messaging, web surfing, playback and sharing of media files.


Will Lumia 900 Add Another Gem Slot To Nokia’s Product Lines?

"The reviews have been fantastic." According to Ballmer, referring to Nokia’s new “baby on the block” – the Lumia 900 : newest addition to Nokia Lumia series.

Nokia, listed as number 14 in the Best Global Brands of 2011, and ranks number 14 in Europe’s best brands, unveils their new baby – the Lumia 900. This Windows-powered phone is believed to threaten the future of Apple and Android smartphones.

Lumia to target the US on January 11, 2012

First introduced in October, the Lumia series went viral in Europe, India and Hongkong. US is their next target offering Lumia 710 at a price of $49 (must be under T-Mobile service contract) on January 11.

Lumia 900

Just like all the other Lumias, Lumia 900 runs on Windows mobile software with loads of popular mini-applications. Price is not yet known. However, this windows mobile run software smartphone is accessible at first on the latest generation 4G LTE network of AT & T.

The Lumia 900 display is 4.3 inch high-definition with front and rear facing cameras. A wide selection of cool applications made exclusively for Lumia 900 includes 20 videogrames from console industry colossus electronic arts.

Planning to get a better deal that can definitely strike a good price in the US, Lumia 900 has an element of charm that can also take China and Latin America by storm.

Nokia is all looking forward to continuing to work on extending Windows application across its full range of mobile phones - applications to share pictures and other documents via the internet “cloud” is part of the plan.