Spilled Juice on Your Cell Phone? Don't Worry, Be Happy!

I can see your face and reaction once you drop your beloved cell phone in water, worse in the toilet or a waiter tripped and spilled some juice onto your cell phone.

Even if you learn all those anger management techniques you will still have at least thought of getting even with the waiter who spilled juice on your expensive cell phone.

Well, before you lose your cool or let off steam, the Mobile World Congress 2012 held in Barcelona, Spain have spoken. Later this year, they will come up with a technology that can protect your mobile devices from liquids. you can now sleep soundly after you dropped your phone in a bowl full of soup.

The possibility of waterproofing all gadgets from ipads to laptops is endless. I can’t wait to be a proud owner of this new super technology. I will definitely waterproof my newly bought tablet and all other gadgets my children have.

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