Why It Takes Forever To Watch Your Favorite Online Video?

man scratching headConstantly interrupted with buffering messages while viewing your favorite online video?

Does this happen all throughout the day or at certain time when usage may be high? No, wait! Don’t axe your computer just yet. You have to remember patience is a virtue.

As one in you, I myself watched many, many online videos. I can tell you that I have a variety of reactions when streaming don’t go well.

Find out why it takes forever to complete a 30 minutes video. Hang in there, consider these top 3 culprits:

1. Hardware:

  • Is your computer a member of the senior citizens league? Computer age has some effect on bandwidth performance.
  • Is your router still covering your area? Did you check its condition? How about cables?
  • Is your Wi-Fi secure? Is the signal strong? Or may be without you knowing, the whole community is using the service. Soo sad!

2. OS (operating system) and software:

  • Did you forget to logout other background programs?
  • Did you check if malware has a camp with a bonfire in your system?
  • Did you check your hard drive’s capacity?
  • Did you check if flash player's or video player's utilities are up to date?

3. ISP (Internet Service Provider):

  • What is your speed? You might be paying for a speed that is not worth the price.
  • ISP could be playing around your service. Don’t play with them, I dare you!

man watching online videoThere are other questions that you should ask yourself before you scratch your head as if you’re infested with a community of lice.

Now that you are equipped with facts, go and fix those issues that are within your capacity.

If after all your effort still it takes you 24 hours to complete an hour of video, then it’s time to call your favorite superhero - your friendly technician or call your Internet Service Provider and tell them your sad story supported with virtual tears. I’m sure with a tear-soaked hanky your ISP will help you.