Chrome is the Most Secured Browser. Do You Believe This Report?

Google denied a report that they had ever tried to influence the test result reported by Accuvant, a security consultancy firm based in Denver, which shows Google Chrome’s browser is the most secured browser.

According to NSS Labs, a California company that tests browser security and antivirus software, finding Chrome as the most secured browser is a con. This report is a smear campaign to drag down Firefox and the other browsers.

NSS Labs suspected that Accuvant was paid for by Google. According to Vikram Phatak, NSS Labs chief technology officer, “This is a vendor-funded paper, and in these cases, the vendor is going to drive the methodology of the testing, which appears to be the case here”.

When questioned about NSS Labs previous vendor-funded browser security researches, according to Phatak, NSS Labs no longer do that for a reason.

Like the other browsers (i.e. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer), Chrome uses Google’s safe browsing service. A recent study shows that Chrome’s rate in blocking malicious websites and malware-infected downloads increased from 8% to a whopping 40% in just 11 days. Both Firefox and Safari have fallen behind by less than 2%.

NSS Labs suspected that Google is blocking the safe browsing service also used by Safari and Firefox. However, Accuvant denied the accusation. They said that Google has nothing to do with the result of their test and the suspicion from NSS Labs is incorrect.

Mozilla didn’t say a bit directly to NSS Labs conclusion. Jonathan Nightingale, the director of Firefox engineering said, "Firefox includes a broad array of technologies to eliminate or reduce security threats."

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