Microsoft Windows Tablet: A New Leader In the World of Tablets (?)

When a headache strikes, a tablet is a gentle cure for the runs that you will ever find. But we’re not talking about a tablet for the cure here – we’re talking about a smartbook, touch-screen netbook, mini-note, dual book e-reader, a big version of iPhone, call it whatever you want, but a tablet is fast becoming an ideal alternative to laptops.

In the 90s, you can’t touch the screen in tablet. You have to use stylus pens to write on the screen. But advances in technology further enhance the features of tablets. People now got the idea that a tablet is a bigger version of an iPhone.

Microsoft Windows Tablet

After Apple, comes Microsoft. Windows Tablet is one thing to look for from Microsoft in the coming year. Fast becoming an icon in the tablet world, Microsoft have come up with Windows 8 where a tablet computer is needed to run the program. It’s not an easy sell for Microsoft though as Apple tells a consistent story in this techie world. However, Microsoft now is the first non-Apple tablet to gain momentum in selling their version of a tablet. Going beyond the PC, Microsoft needs to create an application that buyers can consider a “must-have” in order to surpass Apple’s iPad lead


Chrome is the Most Secured Browser. Do You Believe This Report?

Google denied a report that they had ever tried to influence the test result reported by Accuvant, a security consultancy firm based in Denver, which shows Google Chrome’s browser is the most secured browser.

According to NSS Labs, a California company that tests browser security and antivirus software, finding Chrome as the most secured browser is a con. This report is a smear campaign to drag down Firefox and the other browsers.

NSS Labs suspected that Accuvant was paid for by Google. According to Vikram Phatak, NSS Labs chief technology officer, “This is a vendor-funded paper, and in these cases, the vendor is going to drive the methodology of the testing, which appears to be the case here”.

When questioned about NSS Labs previous vendor-funded browser security researches, according to Phatak, NSS Labs no longer do that for a reason.

Like the other browsers (i.e. Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer), Chrome uses Google’s safe browsing service. A recent study shows that Chrome’s rate in blocking malicious websites and malware-infected downloads increased from 8% to a whopping 40% in just 11 days. Both Firefox and Safari have fallen behind by less than 2%.

NSS Labs suspected that Google is blocking the safe browsing service also used by Safari and Firefox. However, Accuvant denied the accusation. They said that Google has nothing to do with the result of their test and the suspicion from NSS Labs is incorrect.

Mozilla didn’t say a bit directly to NSS Labs conclusion. Jonathan Nightingale, the director of Firefox engineering said, "Firefox includes a broad array of technologies to eliminate or reduce security threats."


iOS 5: A Quick Look at 4 New Features

As always, Apple is updating again. If you’ve got iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3G, iPod touch 4G or any iPad you can join apple’s new delight by downloading and installing their latest upgrade: iOS 5.

The 200 and more new features on iOS 5 will keep you in touch without putting a hole on your pocket. These features are very difficult to resist. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself on the hook for more of iOS 5.

Let’s take a quick look at 4 of them:

1. iOS 5 Notification Center It’s always convenient to explore all the possibilities to receive alerts, get the latest news, and be informed of new developments much ahead of the others. Well, certainly that’s always a possibility with Apple iOS 5. The new Notification Center in iOS5 is called “all alerts in one place”. You can get all notifications that you need, as well as keep tract of them.

2. iOS 5 iMessage

True. There is already a messaging app on the iPhone, so what’s new with iMessage on iOS 5? The iMessage on iOS 5 is simply an application that will allow everyone regardless of device to be on the loop and not get left out for some good news. The iMessage group messaging on iOS 5 will leave no one behind. Everyone in your group is sure to experience unlimited text messaging via Wi-Fi or 3G right from their iPad, iPhone. You can track important messages especially if you are getting hundreds of them. Another quirk is that by enabling the Read Receipts feature you can find out whether or not your friends have read your messages.

3. iOS 5 Newstand

Are you a news addict? iOS 5 Newstand brings you the latest headlines. This feature also organizes your newspaper and magazine subscription and automatically updates you with new issues. With iOS 5 Newstand feature, it's time to say good-bye to your newspaper boy.

4. iOS 5 Reminders

Do you often forget the things you want to remember? Don’t worry the Reminders feature on iOS 5 offers basic functionality task management that helps you create multiple lists for real time viewing. This feature lets you set reminders based on location so you can be assured to stay always on top of your appointments, tasks and more.