China Zipped Shut its People. Next Target: Search Giants - Google and Microsoft

Just like the transgenic foods that scientists create to increase production to go with the world’s growing needs; powerful China forces meet head on with their ambition to topple the search giants such as Google and Microsoft.

An Irony of the Modern World

On January 12, 2010, Google’s corporate infrastructure was attack like a tornado hit it. The goal was to gather data from Gmail accounts particularly of activists from China, Europe and other countries that supports them.

While China have successfully engineered a zipper that zipped shut their people’s mouths, there is no way they could bring down Google’s advocacy of free speech. China has long been mandating Google to filter search results in their country. However, Google stands firm in upholding the rights of the people to express their thoughts without any fear or apprehension.

Google even come to a point of overthrowing Baidu (China’s top search engine.) because they believe (did not even think twice) that China is responsible for the attack on its systems.

Other Big Companies

Adobe, unfortunately also can’t laze around in the hammock because they experienced a similar breached of user’s data. Though they did not publicly announce China has something to do with it, they posted a security incident report to let its customers know about what happened.

Microsoft on the other hand, immediately released a security advisory warning their users about the vulnerability of internet explorers 6, 7 and 8 though it was IE 6 that is inherently more vulnerable.

How to Survive

In order to survive and play safe, internet users are advised to immediately update their antivirus software, regularly check their firewalls security control and refrain from using IE 6: advised to upgrade to IE7 or 8 or better to use other alternative browsers such as Google Chrome. Google chrome has features that are designed to sandbox untrusted data.

Though this bad news will just sort of die down, the good news is people are now aware that they should be involved in keeping their data safe.

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