Apple Vs. Samsung - ROUND TWO!

Now is the right time to be a patent attorney. Why? Many lawsuits are filed every day and the good news is that many of those complaints are patent related.

The latest patent war is between the two digital media powers - Apple and Samsung. The lawsuit filed by Apple in California is still pending in court. Samsung fight back by filing countersuits in various countries. Despite winning in the UK court, Samsung still face bans on its other products. Its Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 felt a big blow across the European Union.

U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has convince Apple and Samsung to settle the issue out of court, however, just like the never ending truce in Syria, a respite is unlikely at this time between the US Apple and South Korea’s Samsung.

Hey, thinking of shifting from a criminal lawyer to patent expert? Perky patent lawsuits flood the courts today. Whichever side wins, your life is not in danger. Go ahead, be a living hero!

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